Family Advising

There are many different paths that a player can take in order to achieve his dream of playing in the NHL. Players and their families are often times forced to make very difficult career decisions at a very young age. We provide families with guidance and educate them to the different career paths available to their sons.

Through the evolution of the Family Advising business, Edge Sports Management has become the industry leader in helping prospects and their families navigate the world of youth hockey.  This results in our players playing for the USNTDP or junior programs of their choosing and often provides the platform for college offers.  We have outstanding connections with the top youth programs in the country and have also advised numerous players in prep schools and hockey academies over the past two decades.  We ensure that our players’ development needs, both on and off the ice, are fulfilled.  We also make sure that the program aligns with our players’ academic and social goals.

We detail the positives and the negatives of certain choices, and we connect families with other families of ours that had similar decisions to make. Families can draw on our experience, and the experiences of our clients in order to help make the best decisions for themselves. We also have contacts in virtually every amateur league in North America, which allows us to help place players in an environment where they will best develop, while getting the maximum exposure to scouts and coaches from higher levels.

The following is a list of the U.S. colleges where clients of ours have played:

Arizona State
Boston College
Univ. of Massachusetts
Univ. of New Hampshire
Univ. of Vermont
Ferris State
Univ. of Michigan
Northern Michigan
Western Michigan
Minnesota State
Holy Cross
North Dakota

Boston University
UMass – Lowell
University of Connecticut
St. Lawrence
Alaska – Fairbanks
Lake Superior
Michigan State
Notre Dame
Alaska – Anchorage
Michigan Tech
St. Cloud

University of Maine
Penn State University
Bowling Green
Miami (Ohio)
Nebraska – Omaha
Ohio State
Colorado College
Univ. of Minnesota
American International
Alabama – Huntsville
Long Island U.