Investments & Insurance

Edge Sports Management offers its clients access to a full range of investment and insurance experts and products.

We have established relationships with top investment firms, insurance companies, and banks throughout the world to assist our clients with investment decisions and planning. We specialize in conservative investment strategies aimed at allowing our clients the ability to maintain their high standards of living even after their playing days are over. We do not make investment decisions for our clients, instead we educate and advise our clients so they can make the appropriate decisions along with the guidance of our professionals. We have all heard stories of athletes that have squandered their money with poor decision making. At Edge Sports Management we educate our players and provide them with a plan so this cannot, and will not happen to them.

Managing risk and insuring assets properly are keys to being financially successful. For an athlete, there is no greater asset than his health. With this in mind, we design disability insurance plans that cover the needs of our players at every point in their careers. Whether you are a National Hockey League player, a minor league player, or have yet to turn professional, disability insurance is a very important tool by which to limit your risk, and to insure your current and future earnings against injury and illness.

A professional player receives career ending disability insurance benefits through the players association (NHLPA or PHPA) and league in which he is playing. However, this insurance amount often is not sufficient to cover the needs of the player and his family. In such cases, Edge Sports Management utilizes the services of disability insurance specialists in the United States and Canada to provide additional coverage to meet the player’s needs.

Collegiate players can insure themselves through a disability insurance program provided by the NCAA. We educate our players and their families about the disability insurance options available to players before they turn professional. These programs are designed to insure the player’s future earning potential, while playing as an amateur in college or before he has enrolled in college. These programs become very important as a player is weighing his options on whether or not to sign professionally before he graduates.