Edge Sports Management provides its clients with a complete range of tax preparation and planning. We employ top accounting firms in New York and Winnipeg to prepare all state, federal, and provincial tax returns, both in the United States and Canada for our clients. We personally oversee each clientís tax preparation, and work with each client to institute a proper financial plan.

New tax laws have placed a huge burden on athletes. Most of the U.S. states require athletes to file an income tax return if the athlete had played a game in that state. This means that on top of their federal return, athletes sometimes have to file as many as 20 state returns as well. This is something that we take care of, at no extra cost, for our clients.

Without proper estate planning, the government can take over 50% of a playerís net worth. Therefore, it is imperative that an athlete properly prepares so that his estate does not lose that amount of wealth. We align our clients with top estate planners, so that our clients can rest assured that their families will be well taken care of in all situations. Again, this is something that we handle for our clients at no extra cost, as part of our efforts to protect our players and their families both during and after their careers.